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Thursday, April 25th, 2019

Office of Student Services and Development

panchoCNSC – OSSD caters to the co-curricular and extra-curricular needs of the students in relation to personality development, character building and responsible citizenship. It centralizes information/activities/services for the students. The staff and the student leaders jointly endeavour to manage the programs and trainings, guidance services, scholarship assistance and other related areas for the promotion of student welfare.


Director – Office of Student Services and Development
Camarines Norte State College

Vision : The Camarines Norte State College – OSSD envision to provide integrated student services and to undertake student related activities aimed at producing students who are intellectually, psychologically, socially, culturally and spiritually matured and prepares them to be productive members of the community.

Mission : To provide varied student services and pursue student activities that creates opportunities for a balanced development of the students and promoting student’s welfare.

Goal : it is the goal and concern of the office to broaden access of students to varied services it offers and to provide greater opportunities to participate and be involved in various student activities geared towards harnessing their potentials and developing them as total “person”.

Objectives: The Camarines Norte State College – OSSD seeks to promote and enhance the intellectual, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual growth of the student through functional student services a variety of student directed endeavors. Specifically, the CNSC – OSSD aims to :

  1. Provide students development services that will serve as a focal point for ensuring students access through academic, co-curricular and extra – curricular programs and activities.
  2. Organize/supervise/regulate student organization and activities.
  3. Arrange and access funding for scholarship and financial assistance or loan grants.
  4. Provide an avenue for developing talents and skills in writing, and managing students’ publication as well as cultural and performing arts.
  5. Provide athletic trainings as well as opportunities for sports, recreational and leisure activities.
  6. Develop a potent linkage with other agencies /unit of the government, BGO’s and private institutions.

    Quality and Excellence


Office of the Student Services and Development Staff taken last January 7, 2016 during the regular monthly meeting. (From left to right) James Robert Vaughan-CAS OSSD Chairman, Noel S. Manila-FCSC Adviser, Delma Jean V. Abad-Breakthrough Adviser, Rhodaviv A. Avila-MCSC Adviser, Elizabeth Pitoy-CEIT Guidance Counselor, Julie L. Nipas-CAS Guidance Counselor, Wava Ann G. Baylon-CE Guidance Counselor, Aida F. Caranceja-CBPA Guidance Counselor, Helen Jardin-J.Pang Guidance Counselor, Engr. Floradelle A. Vega-Mercedes OSSD Chairman, Engr. Excelsa M. Fernandez-OSSD Chairman, Engr. Renato Canaria-COE Chairman, Silvestre H. Ilao-SpDU Chairman, Cesar A. Pondalis-Entienza Campus Director, Renato T. Pancho-OSSD Director, Marissa I. Flores-Labo OSSD Chairman, Bryan M. Torres-CE OSSD Chairman and Silvestre E. Aborde, Jr.-OIC CPAU

The Office of the Student and Development is one of the partners of the Camarines Norte State College in aiming to become a premier higher education in the Bicol Region. The personnel and students has continuously been implemented and revitalized.

Student Development Unit

asisIt serves as a focal point for ensuring student success and information services. It provides orientation to new and transfer’s students, plans and supervised specific activities which will enrich student’s socio-cultural values and leadership capabilities. Develop policies and guidelines on student organization, welfare and development as well as provide recreational and leisure activities service in coordination with academic units of the college. It also coordinates with other units as regards enhancement/tutorial service of remedial learning difficulties of students.

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Scholarship and Financial Assistance Unit

agawaThe unit implements the policies and guidelines approved by the board of trustees (BOT) on scholarship and financial assistance programs of the college such as study-grant-aid , tuition fees discount and student’s loan. It also arranges and sources out fund for scholarship and for various forms of financial assistance to enable poor but deserving students to have a greater access to low-cost but quality education. It also caters externally funded scholarship programs.

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CNSC ESGPPA Financial Status

ESGPPA Financial Status


School Publication

delmaThis office coordinates the running of various student publications in the college in cooperation with concern units. The publication strives to provide service to the college community by releasing reading materials all about information of the institution. To provide also an opportunity to those students who have an inclinations in writing.

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Sports Development Unit

The unit offers student activities to enhance their physical well-being as well as their social lives. It provides training and experience for students in the area of athletics. It also organizes, facilitates, and conducts inter-collegiate sports and the college participations in sports events. It also includes wellness/fitness programs.

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Culture and Performing Arts Unit

The unit exercise over-all supervision on all culture and arts activities of the college. It facilitates, plans activities strategies in relation to the development of talented and skilled students in the field of performing arts. It also serves as linked to other agencies as well as in the parts of the country in promoting CNSC.

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Guidance Office


1. Admission is open to all student applicants who meet the required admission standards of the program they wish to enrol, and are willing to abide by the policies, rules and regulations of the College..

2. No student applicant shall be denied admission to the College by reason of age, sex, gender orientation, social status, belief, political affiliation, ethnic affiliation, conviction or ideology and physical disability except when the student applicant is under treatment for any communicable or non-communicable diseases.

3. All new incoming College freshmen and Transferees are required to take the College Admission Test (CNSC-CAT) which shall consists of the mental ability test and aptitude test.


1. The overall standards for admission to any undergraduate academic program in the College shall be based on the applicant’s result in the CNSC-CAT and the high school average grade.

2. The admission rating shall be based on the following criteria and corresponding weights:

Mental Ability Test: 45%
Aptitude Test: 35%
HS Weighted Ave. Grade: 20%
TOTAL 100%

3. Passing admission rating in the undergraduate program shall be 75%. Results of the computed admission rating shall be classified into two: (a) Applicants who get an admission rating of 85% and above; and (b) Those who get an admission rating above 75% but below 85%.

4. Applicants who get an admission rating above 75% but below 85% shall be included in the waitlisted students applicants.



a. Shifting to another program shall only be allowed if the applicant has not been refused admission in a course program because of the retention policy or in violation of the schools policy. Provided, that the shifter will still be able to meet the residency requirement of the new program.

b. Admission to another program by a shifter is subject to the approval of the Dean of the College offering the program applied for. Provided, that shifter’s CAT results meet the required CAT result of the new program.

c. All subjects taken by the shifter in the College shall be credited provided the course description of the subject(s) in the former program of study and the corresponding subject under the new program of study are the same.

d. A shifter shall be required to submit the following:

• Copy of his/her latest TOR;

• A recommendation from the Dean of the College where he/she was previously registered; and

• A Certificate of Good Moral Character.



a. Students transferring from other Higher Education Institution (HEIs) may be admitted provided that he/she:

• Meets the academic residency requirement in the program where he/she intends to enrol;

• Pass the CAT requirement of the program where he/she intends to enrol; and

• Has already attended classes for at least one full year and has not been dismissed from the school/college where he/she came from.

b. Transferees shall be treated as new student applicants, hence shall be subjected to the same admission standards as a new student.

c. Student applying for transfer from other HEI but, has only attended one semester or a summer class in another school shall be treated as new student applicant.

d. Transferees shall be required to submit the following requirements:

  • • Letter request to transfer;
  • • Honorable dismissal;
  • • Certified True Copy of TOR; and
  • • Certificate of Good Moral Character from the Dean of the school of origin;

e. Crediting of subjects taken in other schools shall be limited to general education (GE) subjects only.

f. All major subject(s) taken in another HEI shall not be credited, hence shall be retaken in the College.



1. Must have complete and valid credentials;

2. Must meet all the prescribed admission requirements of the College and the program being applied for:

a. Passed the CNSC-CAT;

b. Certificate of Completion of Grade 11 and 12;

c. Submission of Original TOR;

d. Accomplished personal Data sheet;

e. Alien Certificate of registration (ACR);

f. Result of TOEFL;

g. Student visa;

h. Security clearance from his/her embassy;

i. Resident Guarantor of his/her character;

3. Must meet all the prescribed requirements by the DFA and BI;

4. Must submit Certificate of Proficiency in English based on TOEFL score (for non-native speaker of English)



1. A student applying for readmission and who has been out of the College for a semester or more grated with honourable dismissal or has simply quit schooling for at least one semester, even for justifiable reason, shall secure approval for readmission from the Dean concerned.

2. Subjects taken by a student granted honourable dismissal and has transferred to another school/college may be credited only for GE subjects. Non-GE subjects shall be evaluated as in other cases.

3. Subjects taken in another school/college without permit to cross enrol while out of the College, when he/she has not applied for transfer to another school shall not be credited.

Before the start of enrolment period, all academic departments shall propose for enrolment quota for each program offerings subject to approval by the Administrative and Academic Councils.

Enrolment quota shall be based on the capacity of the College in accommodating new incoming freshmen and transferees based on College resources such as, faculty classroom and other instructional facilities.


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