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Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

College of Arts and Sciences


About College of Arts and Sciences


Graduates of the College of Arts & Sciences should exemplify the ideals of liberal arts, social and natural sciences, be broadly eduacted acros disciplines and are well-trained in thier field of specializations. They should have: Proficiency in reading, writing and speaking skills; Competence in quantitative, language and analytic skills; Broadly based experiences in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences; and thier own major areas of study. By graduation, students in the Colege of Arts and Sciences should have developed: Learning styles in the process of acquiring valuable knowledge and skills for personal and social growth. Social awareness and responsiveness to the demands of contemporary issues through application of different perspectives in humanities and social sciences. Specific skills for employment qualifications and interest in serving the natural and social environment.


To recruit and retain highly qualified and productiove faculty who demonstrate scholarship, personal involvement, compassion in teaching students, and service to the college and the broader community; To recruit students with demonstrated potentials for roles of leadership and service, and to retain these students for the full baccalaureate education by nurturing their growth thorugh effective teaching, faculty advisement, and utilization of the college support systems; To provide a sound and up-to-date curricular that emphasizes the interrelationships of the various academic disciplines through application of thier shared knowledge and skills to ensure dynamic presentation of the curricular through periodic review and evaluation; To provide an integrated core of instruction in general education that ensure atleast minimal proficiency of basic concepts in the arts, the humanities and the natural, social and behavioral sciences; Proficiency of basic concepts in the arts, the humanities and the natural social and behavioral science; To provide state-of-the-art facilities that promotes a learning environment that encourages accomodates continuing faculty and student involvement in learning; and To instill in students the desire to be life-long learners and contributors to the improvement of the human experience.


  1. can be employed in government, private or self enterprise where scientist with biological experise are needed;
  2. teach at the tertiary level; and
  3. undertake research in the various areas of biology; and
  4. plans to pursue admission to medical education.


  1. equip the students with professional competence within a field of specialization so that he/she becomes productive member of his/her community and the nation as a whole;
  2. instill the sense of citizenship by making the student aware of the thrust in the development of Filipino society and his potential contribution to his/her development through the practice of his/her profession.
  3. instill in the student a desire for precise thinking as well as correct and appropriate means of expression; and
  4. provide career oppurtunities in this field, keeping space with the demand of global competitiveness.


  1. prepare the students to have a comprehensive grasp of the world in which he/she lives in;
  2. prepare the students who plan to pursue studies History;
  3. prepare the students to teach History in the Junior undergraduate level;
  4. prepare the students who desire to immediately land a history oriented job in government offices and agencies and other private entry needing thier services; and
  5. prepare students for career opportunities in other countries.


  1. curriculum that represents the breath of mathematics from classical to contemporary, from theoretical to applied;
  2. mathematical and critical thinking skils, greater appreciation and understanding of the importance of mathematics in the modern world;
  3. advance studies in mathematics or any related fields;
  4. plans to teach elementary mathematics course at the tertiary level;
  5. jobs or research works that require analytical thinking skills; and
  6. specific prefossions/career/occupations or trades that BS Mathematics graduates may go into.


  1. enhance the professional competence of the Sociology students at the theoritical and applied aspect of the discipline;
  2. augment the graduate career opportunities by providing an academic preparation that is not relevant but versatile enough so as to enhance the capabilities of its graduates;
  3. prepare students who plan to teach Sociology or pursue a graduate degree in Sociology and the likes;
  4. provide a foundation of learning that will further improve their capabilities in pursuing other disciplines as Law or Social Works; and
  5. provide the opportunity of learning that is beyond theoritical aspect of the discipline.

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