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Thursday, April 25th, 2019



A. Social and Ecological Responsiveness

  1. 1. Development and enrichment of curricular and training programs that address the social, economic and ecological development needs of the provincial, regional, national and/or international communities; and,
  2. 2. Development of research and extension agenda that promote community empowerment to muster their capabilities and local resources towards the upliftment of lives and the preservation/protection of their natural environment.

B. Ethical Value and Quality Standards

  1. 1. Development and enrichment of the College Code policies and guidelines; and,
  2. 2. Institutionalization of Code of Ethics, conduct and discipline and enhancement of work commitment and output standards among various responsibilities and functions.

C. Comparative Institutional Advantage

  1. 1. Retooling of faculty-staff and enhancing their capabilities; and,
  2. 2. Adequate provision, improvement and expansion of physical resources, facilities and service utilities.

D. Equitable Access to Education

  1. 1. Socialized access to higher education of economically disadvantaged community;
  2. 2. Expanded student assistantship; and,
  3. 3. Expanded scholarship and student subsidies.

E. Enhance Management Efficiency and Fiscal Autonomy

  1. 1. Development of viable production and enterprises and alternative income generating projects;
  2. 2. Innovation of enterprise development systems for joint venture projects to the college and private investors;
  3. 3. Improvement of institutional linkages and external fund sourcing;
  4. 4. Re-engineering of organizational management, structure and functions;
  5. 5. Strengthen the budget planning, allocation and control management system; and,
  6. 6. Establishment of operational manuals for various responsibilities and functions.

F. Institutional Competitiveness

  1. 1. Provision for compliance of institutional accreditation requirements;
  2. 2. Provision of adequate support services and facilities; and,
  3. 3. Provision of incentive structures for competitive excellence among students, graduates, faculty and staff.

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